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Aircraft Electrical Test Equipment

Farwest Aircraft Inc. product lines not only encompasses mechanical tooling, but also Electrical Test Equipment. Our capabilities span from simple Cable Assemblies to highly sophisticated Electrical Test Equipment. We are proud to be called the premier manufacturer and supplier of Electrical Test Equipment.

We own all the specialized instrumentation and manufacturing machinery necessary to manufacture, test and certify an entire range of Electrical Test Equipment, starting from Cable Assemblies to Test Boxes, that inspect and examine systems on the aircraft. You can feel confident that your requirements will be met with the highest quality, built to the exact drawing specifications and rigorously tested in order to meet the latest standards and revisions.

We in-house manufacture all of our wiring harnesses and are able to make them in all sizes, lengths and gauges with a variety of different connectors and fittings to meet your needs.

We not only build Electrical Test Equipment, but also provide repair, periodic calibration and upgrade service at our ISO 9001 / AS 9100 ISO certified facility.

We Support Boeing Aircraft

B787 (all)B777 (all)B767 (all)B757 (all)B747 (all)B737 (all)And other Boeing commercial and
commercial airframe based military aircrafts
VC-25AVC-25BKC-46A E-3P-8

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