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Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

Farwest Aircraft Inc. is able to provide a full range of Aircraft Ground Support Equipment, such as Dollies, Cradles, Boom Hoists, Top off Carts, Tail Stanchions, etc.

We not only build GSE, but also provide repair, periodic calibration, proof load test and upgrade service at our ISO9001 / AS9100ISO certified facility.

In addition, our product range also includes innovative products manufactured by our partners, such as Towbars, Axle Jacks, W/B Change Dollies, Tripod Jacks, Service Carts and other Ground Support Equipment. Their products are innovative and extremely operator friendly.

Farwest Aircraft, Inc. is the Exclusive Supplier and Service Center for these products in the U.S. We not only distribute brand new GSE, but additionally provide after sales service and calibration, including spare parts and repair.

You can find details about JMS products on JMS AG website :

We Support Boeing Aircraft

B787 (all)B777 (all)B767 (all)B757 (all)B747(all)B737 (all)And other Boeing commercial and
commercial airframe based military aircrafts
VC-25AVC-25BKC-46A E-3P-8

JMS Products Supports Almost All Of Wide-Body, and Regional Aircraft

B787 (all)B777 (all)B767 (all)B757 (all)B747 (all)And Other Wide-Body Aircraft
A380-800A350 (all)A340 (all)A330 (all)A210/A300 (all)
B737 (all)B757 (all)   And Other Narrow-Body Aircraft
A320 (all)A321 (all)A220 (all)Embraer 170/175Embraer E2
Embraer 450/500Dash8 (all)CRJ (all)ATR 42/72Falcon 7x/8xAnd Other Regional Aircraft

Farwest Aircraft, Inc.
109 Roy Road SE Suite 120
Pacific, WA 98047

Phone: 253.568.1707
Fax: 253.927.3478
E-mail: Send Us An Email

We accept Credit Cards.
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ISO 9001