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JMS AG Jet Maintenance & Services
Farwest Aircraft, Inc. is the sole supplier and service center for JMS products in the United States.
Since 2010 JMS AG is dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of ground support equipment and related equipment services.

It is their aim to serve you the best and most efficient way in any aspect around the maintenance support and handling of your aircraft.

Framed by a corresponding full-covered Service, their expertise pre, during and after Sales is your advantage and will help you to solve your GSE challenges successfully!

Their vision is long term growth and partnership – both, for and together with our customers, the world’s airline, ground handling and MRO industry!


Horiguchi Engineering Co., Ltd.
Farwest Aircraft, Inc. is the sole supplier and service center for HORIGUCHI products in the United States.

Since 1998, HORIGUCHI ENGINEERING have entered into a licensing agreement for PW4000 engine transportation stand with Pratt & Whitney Corporation. They have been designing and manufacturing PW4000 engine transportation stands for many years.

In 2018 they signed a license agreement for the engine transportation stand, PW1100G-JM engine.


Farwest Aircraft, Inc.
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